About Us

While sitting in a classroom at Drexel University Lynece Austin was struck by the photo bug. Taking an elective course in Photography resulted in a true love for the profession. After years of inspiration and dedication, Lynece turned out to be a passionate photojournalist with a unique vision to creatively capture memories.

Now an accomplished wedding and celebrity photographer, she has garnered a reputation for capturing stimulating images that brings smiles to her clients faces. She has photographed celebrities such as President Obama, Jill Scott, Maxwell, Lady B, Will Smith and more. Although she has had the opportunity to shoot some famous people, her true love is weddings. She’s accumulated a host of positive testimonials because she simply adores weddings. She sees weddings as a day of love, emotion, happiness and joy, and she goes above and beyond to make sure that anyone who views your images shares in your special joy. Her photos tell a special story….your story.

Her love for weddings has also turned into a love for Boudoir which fuels her passion for all things romantic. Her boudoir photography has set her apart from other photographers because she has an unmatched eye and can see the beauty is all her subjects. You will never see yourself as beautiful as a Lynece Austin capture.

Married for eleven years, Lynece Austin also shares her love and passion for photography with her husband Jay Austin, an accomplished photographer in his own right. Based in the music scene, he has an impeccable reputation and a flair for the creative. As the office manager, set designer/builder and assistant to his wife, his unique vision and take on photography and graphics compliments their individualized style.

Lastly, rounding out the team is Carla Anderson. Her keen eye and attention to detail enhances the photographic experience as Creative Director. Carla believes her love of photography is genetic as she comes from a family of shutterbugs. It started at a very young age in appreciating the everyday visual beauty around her. Then she discovered that she could capture these images and take them out and look at them whenever she wanted. Photography became a passion and a photographer was born.